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Jean-Yves Carfantan is the author of the book

Brazil, the lost illusions,

Published in May 2018, by François Bourin editions, Paris.




The author of this site is also the Brazilian correspondent of the Cercle Cyclope, founded by Professor Philippe Chalmin (University of Paris-Dauphine).



Of them  information and reflection sites on today's Brazil

a) in Portuguese and French  :


b) In French  :

In the media:



Interview with Jean-Yves Carfantan at RFI, August 29, 2019.

"  Sem mudança ambiental “radical”, perspectiva é “muito pessimista” para o agronegócio do Brasil ”.


Conflicts review.

"  Geopolitics of the Amazon: organization, perception, issues and challenges. Interview with Jean-Yves Carfantan ”.



Chatter Magazine.


Article: "  Bolsonaro: a populist against the army?

Fanatical Bolsonarists dream of destroying the system ”.

August 31, 2019.


Item: "  In Brazil, NGOs make their law green and against everyone

Their radical ecologism clashes with the interests of farmers and many Indians  ".

 March 26, 2019.


Article: "  Brazil: the other story of the (probable) arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to power. Will Brazil become an authoritarian democracy?  ".

 October 28, 2018.



Radio Notre-Dame, Paris.


Decryption broadcast of May 24, 2018.

"  How from an emerging power, Brazil becomes a country in decline?  "


Decryption broadcast of September 12, 2018.

"  General elections of October 7: will the Brazilians seize the opportunity to renew their political class?  "


Decryption broadcast of October 9, 2018.

"  In the aftermath of the general elections, is Brazil governable?  "


Decryption broadcast of September 9, 2019.

"  France-Brazil: anecdotal feud or lasting anger?  "

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